In depth evaluation of LED flat lamp: why has it gradually become a new favorite in the industry?


LED flat lamps will soon become the mainstream of lighting in the future. Some analysis points out that "the market share of LED indoor lighting products may reach 50% by 2020". LED indoor lighting is more and more widely used, and the overall replacement rate is gradually rising. The price of LED indoor lighting products is gradually decreasing, and the market demand and sales volume are gradually increasing. LED flat lamp is a high-end indoor lighting fixture, which has been popular in recent years and has been favored and praised by consumers.
Technological innovation and economic development are imperceptibly changing people's lives. The LED flat lamp uses the unique SMD chip as the light source, plus the light guide plate and (or) diffusion plate, so that the ultra-thin design of the LED flat lamp can not only provide lighting, but also add artistic beauty. At present, LED flat lamps are mainly used in office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting and hotel lighting.
As a manufacturer of LED panel lights, we use the existing market channels and brand advantages to penetrate the market by levels, and the level classification mainly depends on the price sensitivity and energy urgency of users. From the perspective of the lighting application market segment, the long-term demand for office lighting and commercial lighting is always the first to break out, and the local lighting application is rapidly penetrating, and finally gradually moving toward home lighting. Housing is the largest application market of lighting in the world, and LED flat lamp lighting is rapidly entering the residential lighting market and replacing traditional lighting.
The market share of LED flat lamps is increasing year by year. According to statistics, the global led industrial and commercial lighting market is expected to grow from US $12.92 billion in 2012 to US $86.08 billion in 2019 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.8%.
At the same time, flat panel lamps also face many challenges. Before that, there was chaos due to the price war. Many LED panel lamp enterprises began to cut corners, shoddy products, make and sell fake products, and the quality of products was uneven. Since the beginning of this year, many enterprises have taken a cautious and optimistic attitude towards the status of LED flat lamps in indoor lighting. Instead of dealing with the price as before, they have shifted their development focus to the high-end market and tried their best to improve product quality.
If an enterprise wants to enter the flat lamp market, it is the key to adhere to technological innovation and improve the market competitiveness of products. From the vassal status to the industry's new favorite, the road of LED flat lamp counterattack is not simple! In this evaluation, Aladdin evaluation room will fully reveal the strength of panel lamps from the aspects of photoelectric performance, light guide plate performance, luminous uniformity, etc.

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