How to choose LED flat lamp


LED flat lamp, as a kind of lamp, is very common in life. I believe everyone will be familiar with it! Some people know every aspect of it very well, but some people are not necessarily. For example, when we buy this LED flat lamp, there are so many choices. How to choose and what selection criteria need to be paid attention to! First, we like to buy things that are economical and affordable, like buying lamps. On the one hand, they are used for lighting, so one aspect that many people care about when choosing lamps is how long the lamp I buy can last, so they like to ask salespeople, that kind of LED flat lamp takes a long time. In fact, everyone is wrong about this, Because although this LED flat lamp itself takes a longer time than the previous one, and can generally work for about 100000 hours, what we don't know is that its life is affected by the external environment! For example, the temperature, ventilation and air humidity of the room have an impact! Therefore, we should not use this as the selection standard, but rather choose a lamp with high brightness! The second point is that since it is lighting, you must choose a bright one, and then you must choose a lamp with high power. In this way, when the power is high, the lamp will definitely light up. In fact, it is not the case. You should know that whether it is bright or not has nothing to do with the power. What matters is its luminous intensity. If it is strong, the lamp will light up, otherwise it will not be so bright! Therefore, the axial brightness of LED flat lamps should be considered when selecting! Third, when looking at its luminous angle, we should not only look at its actual luminous angle, but also look at its effective luminous angle comprehensively. The combination of the two is good, which is the selection standard!

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